Death to the old site | Dj Niques - Spoonful of Soul

Toast to 2017! But it looks like 2016 wanted to give me one last middle finger before walking out the door. Actually, this was more of an user error. From the looks of it, I'm unable to log back into my old Wordpress site. I was planning on moving over certain posts from back then since the amount of material I had on the old site dates back all the way to 2009. I guess with creation comes muphuckin user errors that cause people to accidentally loose their sh*t. DAMMIT. Ah well . . . .

Anyways, one thing I always did was share music. And since I basically lost all the music I shared from the old, I can share them here on the new. I can also act like none of this has been posted before. WOO HOO!! That means a ton of supposed new/old music for you all!

The first one I'll give y'all is a mix I used to bump heavy back in college. The title says it all. You're going to hear artists ranging from Little Brother, Lauren Hill, Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and Dwele. This is some straight nod heavy type of material. *Quick note: I remember picking this up from an old record store back in San Diego called Stacks. That store was most definitely a staple when it came to hip hop heads and djs when it first opened. RIP STACKS! 

Download Link