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Originally from Sacramento, Still1 is a practitioner and student of both DJing and photography.

He first started DJing in 2002 under the name Eclektic, but recently changed to Still1 at the beginning of 2015,. In 2003, he relocated to San Diego. Well known for his ability to string together future and old school classics in order to keep people moving, he steadily built a loyal following in the Hip Hop and nightlife scene. A few notable residencies while in San Diego were the Earthbound Radio Show, Soul Food Sunday College Radio Show, Altitude Sky Bar in the Marriot, and Bar Dynamite. In 2012, he relocated to Brooklyn in order to further hone and study his craft. Since then, he has provided music for various establishments and events around the city.

As a photographer, he has always had a passion for documenting all things having to do with urban culture, music, and people. He decided to take his photography more seriously back in 2008 and quickly became notorious for photographing various Hip Hop events and professional portraits in Southern California. Then like Djing, he decided to further pursue and elevate his craft by relocating to Brooklyn. Since then, he has continued to document and build his archive of individuals and events.

Affiliates:  Rock So Fresh Familia | Level7 Seven | 3200s | Mighty4




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