Originally from California, Still1 is both a Photographer and Dj.

As a photographer, he has always had a passion for documenting all things having to do with urban culture, music, and people. He decided to take his photography more seriously in 2008 and quickly became notorious for photographing movement, portraits, and events. On top of personal projects, he has also worked and shot photos and videos for companies such as Chips Ahoy, Levis, Gillette, Dark Horse Wine, Greenhook Gin, and Goorin Brothers. He also has had numerous gallery group shows in San Diego and LA and has been featured in publications such as Between The Breaks and The Nsubordinate Magazine.

As he DJ, he first started in 2003. Well known for his ability to string together future and old school classics in order to keep people moving, he steadily built a following in the Hip Hop and nightlife scene. He has spun alongside notable artists such as Grand Wizard Theodore, Rich Medina, Tony Touch, Freddie Joachim, and Ohmega Watts. He's also provided music in various cities in the United States and countries such as Switzerland and Cyprus.

In 2012, he relocated to Brooklyn in order to further hone and study both crafts. 

Affiliates:  Rock So Fresh | Level7 Seven | Mighty4